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Electroplating was invented in 1805 by Italian Luigia V. Brugnatelli utilizing a battery to plate dissolved gold.....

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of coating an object either for decorative and corrosion purposes by provide direct current to a positively charged substrate, pushing ions towards a negative charged "widget" resulting in an electroplated part!


Electroplating Power Supplies

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Rectifier Installation Photos

Electroplating Processes

  • Copper Plating

  • Tin Plating

  • Zinc Plating

  • Nickel Plating

  • Cadmium Plating

  • Hard Chrome Plating

  • Gold Plating

  • Platinum Plating

  • Decorative Chrome Plating

  • Rhodium Plating

  • Silver Plating

  • and more.............

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Why American CRS?

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