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Rectifier Installations


Simply put, switchmode rectifiers cost less to operate, have much lower ripple, have higher efficiency, have a higher power factor, are more compact, and are more easily serviced than SCR rectifiers. Whether you need a few hundred watts (W) or a few hundred kilowatts (kW), American CRS has the switchmode rectifier for you.

For years, solid state SCR rectifiers or power supplies have been used for all types of plating applications. While SCR-based power supplies offer distinct control advantages over simpler powerstat rectifiers, SCR power supplies are inherently larger, have a higher ripple, a lower power factor and in most cases a lower efficiency than high frequency switchmode power supplies.

Over the past 20 years, we have provided 1000’s of compact, high efficiency, low ripple switchmode power supplies to the printed circuit board industry, and the general metal finishing industry with standard products up to 20kW in rack mount configurations. American CRS provides completed power systems configured to the exacting needs of our clients’ plating application(s). These systems are housed in environmentally controlled NEMA enclosures to assure long term, reliable operation without the concerns of damage due to corrosion.

Recent advances in power semiconductor technology have made it possible to achieve power capabilities of up to 400kW using switchmode power supplies as a cost competitive product. American CRS is pleased to provide a complete line of high power switchmode rectifiers for the printed circuit board and general metal finishing industry. These units are environmentally hardened with either air or water cooling, and designed to operate in harsh environments. The improved efficiency and power factor mean substantially less operating cost over the life of the unit. We would be happy to provide you with a payback analysis that details the economics of your particular application, based on the costs from your local utility.

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